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Barbara Simpson: Alex and his team sincerely cared

Barbara Simpson is a young 89-year-old that was referred to our agency by a good friend of ours. She sat down with us and, after a brief conversation, we learned that she has NEVER had an insurance review EVER. We helped her out with her auto insurance and her renters insurance, and we will be assisting her with her retirement accounts as well.

If you are a senior citizen like Barbara, you should definitely have an auto insurance and renters insurance review.

The rates for auto insurance changes over the course of one’s life. Auto insurance for seniors is more complex than auto insurance for other age groups, since driving at an older age comes with more challenges and higher risks.

Although senior citizens are required to pay higher auto insurance rates, there are several ways to decrease auto insurance costs. These include driving more carefully in order to maintain a clean driving record, driving less to get mileage discounts, taking defensive driving courses, using drive tracking apps, and driving a safer car or installing safety features in the current vehicle.

Renters insurance for seniors is especially beneficial because they are usually retired and have a fixed monthly income. That, and the fact that the landlord’s insurance does not cover them against any disasters, makes it challenging and stressful for them to get back on their feet in case something bad happens in their homes. Renters insurance is usually inexpensive and can offer protection for a variety of things, including disasters, accidents, as well as theft, fire, electrical damage, water damage and more.

As with all of our clients, we handled Barbara’s case with great care. We took the time to explain everything to her in detail, give her an overview of all the insurance coverages, and advise her as to what she does and doesn’t need. Barbara was very appreciative, and took the time to share her experience with us in a lovely testimonial:

“I’m thrilled and grateful that Alex and his team sincerely cared and spent sufficient time to clearly explain to me the auto insurance I truly needed. I have never had an auto insurance review before, and I was surprised to learn that there are people such as Alex and his team who are eager to provide a friendly, yet professional insurance advice with a genuine care for their clients.”

Thank you to Barbara for the kind words and for trusting us with her insurance needs.