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Boat Insurance

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Boat Insurance

The ocean, the sun, the breeze. Owning a boat, and enjoying its perks regularly, is one of the most amazing experiences in the world. But the ocean is unpredictable, and it’s immensely important to stay protected while you’re out there in the waters.

Here at Morgan Insurance, we will tailor a boat insurance policy, or boat owners insurance, to your specific needs, so you can enjoy your travels and the lovely scenery, carefree. Get a free quote from our agent right now!

We will ask the right questions, take into consideration the specific boat you own, its type and size, whether you have an umbrella policy, what you would want to do in the worst-case scenario if the boat sinks, whether you need coverage for boat accessories, and much more.

Boat insurance coverages we offer:

We offer a wide variety of insurance options for your boat. These are just some of them. For a customized offer, please contact us.

Comprehensive and collision boat insurance

A comprehensive and collision boat insurance covers you in case your boat gets damaged or stolen. We can tailor a policy for you depending on your unique boat insurance needs.

Boat accessories and personal possessions coverage

Your boat comes with a lot of things to help insure a smooth sailing. Anchors, life jackets, navigation, and all other boating equipment can be part of your insurance coverage. In addition, you may want to protect other personal possessions on boat, such as fishing equipment, water skis, and more. Share your needs with us, and we will include them in your coverage.

Mechanical breakdown and physical property boat coverage

Mechanical breakdowns happen, and we can tailor a policy that will cover that. Additionally, we can help create a policy that will cover you in case your boat is vandalized or damaged in any other way.

Towing and other emergency services

Your boat broke down in the middle of the ocean? Need fuel? A jump start? No worries, we will help create a boat insurance policy for you that covers emergency services such as these.

Uninsured boater coverage

This kind of coverage can help protect you in a scenario where a boater without insurance has hit and injured you, or in case of a hit and run.

Bodily injury and property damage liability

In case of a boating accident where there are damages to another boat and/or its passengers, this coverage can pay for those damages, and for legal expenses in case of a legal action against you.