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Courtney Cooke: I love the family feel at Morgan Insurance

Reviewing your insurance policies with your insurance agent on an annual basis is of great importance if you resolve to better protect yourself and your belongings.

Performing an annual insurance review allows you to not only assess your policies, but adjust them where necessary. For example, a homeowners insurance review helps you ensure that your home and belongings are fully protected. This is especially important if you haven’t changed your policy since you moved in, or if you have performed renovations or upgrades such as new furniture, a kitchen upgrade, or similar renovations.

All renovations and upgrades can affect the value of your home, and if your policy is outdated, you may not get sufficient coverage to rebuild your home in the event of a loss.

Our client Courtney Cooke found Morgan Insurance because he was looking for a family owned business. He came into the office and loved the family feel. We helped him with homeowners insurance while also evaluating all of his policies to make sure he was adequately insured. He was underinsured and never had an insurance review before!

If you are in a similar situation such as Courtney, and you’re looking to evaluate your policies, there are a few important questions that you can ask your insurance agent:

  1. Is my homeowners insurance policy outdated? Would it still provide enough resources to rebuild my home in case something happens to it?
  2. What kind of renovations and upgrades affect my homeowners insurance policy?
  3. What kind of home upgrades qualify me for additional discounts?
  4. How do I get coverage for my valuables?
  5. Does my policy cover my landscaping/outdoor upgrades?

If you can’t remember the last time you’ve reviewed your insurance policies or if you have never had an insurance review like our client Courtney, now is the right time to do it!