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Golf Cart Insurance

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Golf cart Insurance

Nothing says more that you live in Southwest Florida than owning a golf cart. It has become a symbol of our lifestyle.

Many people don’t realize that their golf carts are likely not covered by the homeowners or auto insurance policies.

Here at Morgan Insurance, we can help you with an affordable golf cart insurance policy, so you can enjoy your favorite sport & pastime, carefree. Get a free quote from our agent right now!

Golf cart insurance coverages we offer:

We offer a several insurance options for your golf cart. These are just some of them. For a customized offer, please contact us.

Collision coverage

The golf cart collision coverage covers the costs associated to the repair of your golf court if it is damaged in a collision with another golf cart or other object.

Liability coverage

In the event of personal bodily injury or property damage done accidentally by your golf cart, the liability coverage will cover all the associated costs.

Comprehensive coverage

The comprehensive golf coverage will cover all the costs if your golf cart experiences some damage that doesn’t involve a collision.