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Homeowners Insurance

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Homeowners insurance

There’s no place like home – and frankly, there’s no insurance as important as your home or homeowners insurance. A lot of things can happen to your home or property that can hurt you financially. Fire, tornadoes, lightning, theft are just some of the dangers out there.

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Homeowners insurance coverages we offer

We offer a wide variety of insurance options for your home and property. These are just some of them. For a customized offer, please contact us.

Home repair/rebuild insurance

Home insurance pays to repair or completely rebuild your house, materials inside like your kitchen countertops, attached, and unattached structures (garage, deck, porch, swimming pool, shed, fence, etc.). You’re covered against fire, wind, hail, tornados, falling trees/limbs, ice dams, the weight of snow, sleet, or ice on your roof, and more.

For example: A tornado strikes your house, and your roof caves in. The water falls into your kitchen, destroying cabinets, countertops and more. Home repair insurance covers these expenses.

Temporary living insurance

If a natural disaster destroys your home – it is only natural that I’d be necessary for you to temporarily move out during repairs. The insurance covers hotel/motel stays and meals.

For example: Wind blows your roof off, so you have to pay $40 per day to stay in a hotel. The insurance covers your stay and the meals.

Insurance for lawsuits against you

The personal liability insurance covers property damage and injury lawsuits. If you or your family members are responsible for an injury or property damage of another person – the insurance will cover you.

For example:A tree from your backyard falls and hurts a passer-by and he sues you. Your insurance will pay for his medical bills, lost salaries while they’re injured and other inflicted damage.

Personal property insurance

Furniture, electronic appliances, tools, clothes, power equipment and other items are covered with this insurance. You can also insure your jewelry, art and antiques.

For example: A burglar breaks into your home and steals your phone and your expensive TV set. These things are covered by the insurance..