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Michael Kalmar: This was a truly seamless process

Certain home upgrades not only increase the value of your home, but lower your insurance rates as well since they minimize the need to file a claim. These upgrades include things such as a new roof, an improved security system, smart home additions, or new plumbing system and electrical wiring.

The best time to make upgrades to your home such as these is when you’re already renovating. When planning a renovation, it’s smart to consult with an insurance agent about how your planned upgrades will impact your homeowner’s insurance policy, and whether there are specific materials you should use and standards you should meet.

Our client Michael Kalmar was looking to consult with an insurance agent regarding his recently upgraded house. He found us online and after a few consultations, we were able to assist him in a fast and quality manner, improving his homeowner’s insurance coverage while significantly lowering his rate.

Here’s Michael’s testimonial for his experience with Morgan Insurance:

“I found the Paul Morgan Agency online. I was under a tight timeline and was also not in Sarasota at the time. I had a couple of other quotations so I knew what the parameters were for my upgraded house. When I called in, after answering a few brief questions, I was connected to Alex Morgan. My questions were answered and explanations were provided where my understanding of Florida insurance regulations was lacking. He was quick to go to market with my property and had answers back to me promptly. The end result was I was able to get better coverage for less money than my previous broker. This was a truly seamless process. When my cars come due, I will be moving them over to Paul Morgan Agency as well. Alex again many thx for the great service!”

Michael is a dream client and has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you Michael for trusting Morgan Insurance!