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Auto Insurance

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Auto insurance

A lot of things can happen with and to your beloved car. A car accident can not only injure you but it can also inflict serious damage to your wallet. We offer a lot of coverages to protect you from the unexpected.

At Morgan Insurance we take pride in providing the best car insurance options for you. Get a free quote from our agent right now!

Auto insurance coverages we offer

Car accidents, damages to the car glass, lawsuits – we offer a lot of insurance options to protect you against anything that can happen to your or in your car. These are just some of them. For a customized offer, please contact us.

Liability insurance

Even the best drivers make mistakes. The liability covers damages you’ve caused to others – damages to other cars, property (like street signs, mailboxes etc.) and other drivers or passengers.

For example: If you hit another car and the driver sues you because his car is damaged and he has to go to the hospital – the insurance will pay for the repairs, injuries, and the lawsuit costs.

Medical payments insurance

The medical payments insurance covers medical costs if you or your passengers are injured in an accident, regardless of who is actually driving. Even if you have health insurance – this can be beneficial.

For example: A relative drives your child to school, and they have an accident. Your child is injured and there is a huge medical bill. Instead of filling a claim to your health insurance – file with Morgan and we’ll pay the bill.

Lease / loan payoff insurance

This is also called gap insurance. If your vehicle is beyond repair, the insurance will help pay off the balance of the lease or loan.

For example: It snows a ton, and your roof caves in. The snow then falls into your house damaging your walls, kitchen cabinets, countertops, and more. Homeowners covers all of these damages.

Rental car reimbursement insurance

If your car is being repaired from a covered loss – the insurance will cover your rental car fees.

For example: If you have financed a car to $20.000 and after some time of driving (where it’s estimated to be worth $15.000) someone totals your car – the insurance will cover both the $15.000 for the car, plus the $5.000 left on your loan.